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Sep 15, 2019

We're on our Major Life Change Hiatus, but we still wanted to drop a few mini-episodes for you.

Ted is getting married (literally today) and Tim is moving, but through the *magic of pre-recording* we're talking about Seinfeld trivia and what actors were considered for the roles of George and Elaine before Jason...

Sep 8, 2019

"Jerry and George finally have their pilot produced by the network."
-Original Air Date: 5/20/1993-

We've got a doozy this week as we tackle The Pilot in a 1 hour and 41 minute spectacular! We talk about problematic men, TV Kramer vs. regular George, a weird timeline issue with Kramer and a few bits that went on for...

Sep 2, 2019

"George's father is arrested when Jerry and George park his car in a handicapped spot."
-Original Air Date: 5/13/1993-

This week we talk about The Handicapped Spot, Kramer completely breaking the thesis of the show, rich and spoiled handicapped people and George's "father". 

This is No Hugging, No Learning, the show...