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Jun 16, 2024

"Larry hangs out with Woody Harrelson and cashes in on Susie's favor.."
-Original Air Date: 11/14/2021-

This week we're talking about The Watermelon, an easy way to get out of looking for a cow that Larry didn't think of, a surprising connection to Klansman Joe (NOTHING BAD) and throwing food on the ground...

Jun 4, 2024

"After enlisting Cheryl's help in a last-ditch effort, Larry has an idea that could save his latest project."
-Original Air Date: 11/7/2021-

This week we're talking about The Mini-Bar, where to sit at a dinner party, the best performance by Vince Vaughn and an infuriating use of a non-diegetic camera.

This is No...