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Dec 27, 2021

In case you missed it, we teamed up with our friends at LoMo Media for their Christmas Special this year as well as releasing our own! If you already listened to it when they released it (prior to Christmas), feel free to skip this one. But for most of you it's new and you haven't heard it!

We'll be back with new, regular NHNL episodes in the New Year!

From LoMo Media:

"Ho ho no! Our friends at No Hugging, No Learning were naughty this year, and as punishment, we subjected them to an insane, Hulk Hogan-starring family adventure fever dream that we found on YouTube. No one made it through in one sitting. Throw on your best Desert Storm camo and join us for our first annual Christmas special as we suffer through John Murlowski's SANTA WITH MUSCLES."