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Jun 16, 2024

"Larry hangs out with Woody Harrelson and cashes in on Susie's favor.."
-Original Air Date: 11/14/2021-

This week we're talking about The Watermelon, an easy way to get out of looking for a cow that Larry didn't think of, a surprising connection to Klansman Joe (NOTHING BAD) and throwing food on the ground...

Jun 4, 2024

"After enlisting Cheryl's help in a last-ditch effort, Larry has an idea that could save his latest project."
-Original Air Date: 11/7/2021-

This week we're talking about The Mini-Bar, where to sit at a dinner party, the best performance by Vince Vaughn and an infuriating use of a non-diegetic camera.

This is No...

May 26, 2024

"Larry has a work meeting that backfires and sets out on a sting operation for Jeff."
-Original Air Date: 10/31/2021-

This week we're talking about Angel Muffin, Confusing Dylan O'Brien with another Dylan from another band we've talked about before, a confusing leap in logic (even for Larry) and The Presidents of the...

May 20, 2024

"While his latest venture is threatened by forces outside his control, Larry attends an unprecedented event at Albert Brooks' house."
-Original Air Date: 10/24/2021-

This week we're talking about The Five-Foot Fence, Goop products, a startling jump to conclusions, another unfulfilled Chekhov's Gun scenario.

Here is...

May 13, 2024

"Larry runs into an old acquaintance and causes a rift between expectant parents"
-Original Air Date: 3/22/2020-

This week we're talking about The Spite Store, the last few years of Jeopardy!, Girthmaster, Zoolander 2 and a gag that was introduced early in the season but never paid off.

This is No Hugging, No Learning,...