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Sep 25, 2022

"Larry receives bad news, but it offers him an excuse to turn down some unappealing invitations."
-Original Air Date: 10/20/2002-

This week we're talking about The Special Section, seeing people when you're the ones traveling, laws that aren't actually laws and pronouncing fancy words like charcuterie and crudité.


Sep 18, 2022

"A rumored terrorist threat overshadows a benefit performance by Alanis Morissette."
-Original Air Date: 10/13/2002-

This week we're talking about The Terrorist Attack, skipping over what would be MAJOR plot points of other shows, the ballsack brassiere and Primetime Glick with Jiminy Glick.

This is No Hugging, No...

Sep 12, 2022

"Larry, Cheryl, Jeff and Susie encounter a 'nanny from hell,' while Larry commits a faux pas at a pool party."
-Original Air Date: 10/6/2002-

This week we're talking about The Nanny, if Ted was left to "play the field" instead of being married, where you're supposed to store 12 sponge cakes when you live in a mansion...

Sep 12, 2022

"Larry, Jeff and Ted scramble to find a new chef when Randy quits following the peanut incident."
-Original Air Date: 9/29/2002-

This week we're talking about Club Soda And Salt, taking too much Benadryl for one person, really wanting to test out the namesake cleaning method and the good old things you can make out in...